Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How Install Digipay New Version

Digipay 3.0 version will be available on

Note: If RD service is already installed in your system then don’t uninstall it. RD service is necessary before installing new version of Digipay

All VLEs are requested to follow the below steps to install the updated version of Digipay

1.       Go to Control Panel and Click on Program and Features.

2.       If older version of Digipay application is present then uninstall it.

3.       Delete CSC e-Governance Services India Limited and Fingerprint Sensors folders from C: drive.

4.       Download Digipay version 3.0 from

5.       Extract setup from Digipay zip file

6.       Right click on setup and click on “Run as Administrator”.

7.       Your Digipay app will be installed on your Desktop/Laptop

Digipay New Registration process after installation:

1.       Please enter your Aadhaar no and CSC ID and read the consent for biometric authentication and click on checkbox. Click on Submit Button.

2.       Use Biometric Authentication to complete the registration.

3.       After successfully registration, Restart Digipay Application to login.